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Posted By: GUEST,gamine
02-Jun-02 - 06:40 AM
Thread Name: Songs You Sing In the Shower
Subject: RE: BS: Songs You Sing In the Shower

Is that Art Thieme, the one I listened to all my life?! Could it be??? Did you have an album out with Ole Blue? " Had my a dog his name was Blue, Had me a dog his name was Blue, Had me a dog his name was Blue Betcha a dollar he was a good dog too..."

And it went on to tell the story of Old Blue and he had two legs and on the same album a version "Barbara Allen" and "Blue Mountain yer azure deep Blue mountain your sides are steep Blus Mountain with a horsehead upon your side you've won my soul to keep"

And there was a song about the pond and it froze and all the ducks were frozen in it and they stared flappin their wings and lifted the whole pond up in the air??!!!!

If it is you I heard you sang in the Grand Rapids, MI Folklore Society in the Grand Rapids Public Museum (my folks were members and kept the Cider hot) and I LOVED YOU and my dad bought your ( I think ) self titled album and we have been singing your songs for years together!!

All the way back to the COW SONG ( which is one of my personal favorites! along with the one about Paul Bunyan [I think] and the toothpick? )

Anyway, if it is you -- thank you for hours of listening and wishing I could be you and, ohmigosh the connection you provided, me with my dad, that we still share to this day...

Thank you....and will you write back so I know it is you?