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Posted By: Barry T
06-Jun-02 - 02:00 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Colorado: 'If I had a wagon, I would ...'
Subject: Lyr Add: COLORADO (Dave Allen, Paul Colwell)

Dave Allen / Paul Colwell (ASCAP)

If I had a wagon I would go to Colorado
Go to Colorado, go to Colorado
(If I had a wagon I would...)
If I had a wagon I would go to the State
Where a man can walk a mile high.

You come across the prairie
And there before your eyes
You see the Rocky Mountain peaks
Climbing up to the sky
Climbing up to the sky.

If I had a Chevy I would drive to Colorado

Verse I'm lookin' for more than silver
I'm lookin' for more than gold
Just like the Rocky Mountain State
_____(?) folks who are rugged and bold
Folks who are rugged and bold.

If I had an airplane I would fly to Colorado

Just take a big deep breath of
That most abundant air
That's why so many folks from
California are there
California are there.

If I had a spaceship I would land in Colorado

There's hating and there's fighting
Across this world so wide
Our uniting spirit they will find
At the Great Continental Divide
At the Great ontinental Divide.

Chorus I don't have a wagon, and I
Don't have a Chevy, and I
Don't have an airplane, and I'll
Never have a spaceship, but I've
Got two feet to climb with, and it's
Pikes Peak or bust
Where America can learn again
Just like Colorado men
How to hold your head up hi-igh
How to hold your head up high!