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21-Apr-99 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: The Weight - Meaning
Subject: RE: The Weight - Meaning

I had no idea that my request would start what I consider a brief but rich conversation on lyrics, etc.

First of all, I'm chagrined to realize(remember, rather) that the Weight was not a Dylan song. Actually knew that and it was in one of the brain cells that died a while back. So thanks for straigtening me out on that.

Thanks to you all but a special thanks to Shambles for the point the website with the essay.

I want to clarify that I actually was not looking for the "real" meaning of the song. I find this song a wonderful rich piece, much like Raglan Road, or much of Ian Anderson's stuff, that evokes all kinds of stuff, much of which changes from time to time, much of which always shows up in my heart & head when I sing it.

I have no problem sharing those thoughts with audiences, or even leading some discussion about that in performances. What I wanted to make sure of was that there was no INTENTION on the part of the songwriter that I was violating or distorting by taking the song where it takes me.

I'm not sure even if there was a songwriter intention that that should preclude a performer from working the images that come to the performers mind(and that would be an interesting continuation of this discussion. I just know I feel more ethical if I have some idea of what the songwriter intended and can honor that in my performance.

Again thanks. Marc Bridgham