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Posted By: Peg
06-Jun-02 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Back Pain (not lower)--ow!
Subject: BS: Back Pain (not lower)--ow!
Hi all;

yes, it has happened: little Miss Alternative Medicine has developed a condition that is often best treated with western medicines symptom-focused therapies. But back pain is usually the result of poor posture or overuse and so immediate cures are not effective in the long run, so I am gonna go the holistic route on this, even though the pain is pretty intense and came on rather suddenly (woke up with it yesterday morning). In fact I have been quite active lately (walking, yoga, etc.) so have no idea what is causing this.(I did model for a portrait class the night before I woke with it; that hard backed chair may be the culprit). The muscle spasms are the worst so lots of hot compresses with essential oils are helping. Wish I had access to a sauna or hot tub!

For now, I am taking calcium/magnesium supplements and Advil. (Hope to get off the pain killers; they mask pain which can make things worse). I am going to go on a limited diet for several days to alleviate muscular congestion (raw nuts, lots of fresh pineapple, whole grains except wheat, and certain types of fish). I am going to add a few yoga stretches and see if that helps.

Sleeping is the worst; impossible to get comfortable and getting out of bed is torture.

As always I have no health insurance but I am willing to plunk down some cash for acupressure or acupuncture. (I will also consider seeing a chiropractor at some point). Also am going to find a course in the Alexander technique or Pilates which are both great for long-term realignment and back health.

I will keep you all posted as to the progress of my holistic regimen...and will certainly sheepishly admit if I use any conventional therapies...

any others hwo have had UPPER back pain/spasm? This is right between my shoulder blades. I had something similar years ago (stress related) and this is sligtly higher but VERY similar in terms of how it's affecting my range of motion etc.

I sure don't need this right before I am going backpacking in England and then camping for a month! :~(

Wish me luck. I am determined to heal and hope I can be patient with what comes. Sudden as this is, I know it must be linked to some greater underlying cause that needs attention.


After all this whining I feel it is necessary to give thanks for everything else wonderful in my life! I am a very fortunate person and this is nothing in the gre