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Posted By: Mrrzy
06-Jun-02 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Back Pain (not lower)--ow!
Subject: RE: BS: Back Pain (not lower)--ow!
Yes, I had upper back pain, and I recommend VERY STRONLY AGAINST the Alexander technique, it made a lot of stuff a lot worse. I have a subluxated vertebra right between my shoulder blades and get all kinds of muscle spasms there sometimes. What works for me is ALTERNATING heat and cold, heat + exercise, and stretching for a good 15-20 mn before even trying to get out of bed. The "dying bug" is a good one, lie on your back with legs in air with knees bent and arms up, and kind of alternate moving arms and legs in a natural motion (limbs on one side toward each other, other side away from each other), being very careful to balance your pelvis. Work up to that one, though, with stretches first. What they call the prayer stretch is a good one for upper back. The best is if you're already up and it starts bothering you, find a flat wall, place feet about a foot from the wall, bend knees so that butt hits wall, flatten back completely against wall, raise arms over head with upper arms horizontal, hold for count of 10, relax arms, repeat. That is my BEST upper back loosener. GOod luck! It's no fun, I know!