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Posted By: Aodh
07-Jun-02 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: A Pheigi a Ghraidh (Mo chridhe fo leon)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: A Pheigi a Ghraidh (Mo chridhe fo leon)
Hi sorry its taken so long, but first, the tune it is set to is "A Pheigi a ghraidh". Now the story; Domhnall was a bit of a local hero, a well known bard in South Uist, he was crowned at the Glasgow Mod in 1948, anyway he fell in love with my late Aunt Mary but he was quite a bit older than her, and my Grandparents wouldn't allow them to marry, as a gift he wrote her this song.

A Translation:

If I am known as a bard, what a shame not to give a song,
Not to make an ode to the modest, happy lass,
Most beautiful of young women of the gentle eyes
To whom I give love that will never cool.

If I had you my love by my right side
with binding vowss and a ring firm on your finger,
We'd want for nothing, to gether we would be fine,
Caring nought for others so long as I had your hand.

There is more, only I'll have to talk to my ma!?!

line breaks added by mudelf ;-)