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Posted By: Kim C
07-Jun-02 - 04:15 PM
Thread Name: Songs You Sing In the Shower
Subject: RE: Songs You Sing In the Shower
Lately in the shower I have been singing Sting's "Fields of Gold." "The Painful Plough" and "The Sheepstealers" also sound really good in there.

Speaking of significant others, I can't recall as I've ever heard Mister sing in the shower.

Speaking of German, I have started to learn some since this thread started. Mad Maudlin, who posts here sometimes, is kind enough to help me when I have dumb questions! Schokoladekuchen is one of my favorite words. It has a nice rhythm to it. Then I figured out that chocolate cheesecake would be Schokoladekasekuchen. Last night I happened upon the word for oxtail soup: Ochsenschwanzsuppe. Not as long or fancy as some mentioned above, but fun all the same.

And Sunday, I'm going to an uberraschung Geburtstagsparty. (did I say that right?)