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Posted By: musicmick
09-Jun-02 - 12:28 AM
Thread Name: Songs You Sing In the Shower
Subject: RE: Songs You Sing In the Shower
What an interesting thread. Here's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Some years ago, I played as a sideman with a wonderful dou called Sadie Green Sales Ragtime Jug Band, for two weeks each summer at an amusement park in the coal country of Pennsylvania. We set up our campsites (they didn't offer accomidations to the performers but they let us camp near the merry-go-round and we could ride the Pheonix rollercoaster for free when we weren't on stage.) When we had finished our last set of the night, we piled into the van and headed for the showers in the customers' canpground. There, in communal cleanliness, we sang Flanders and Swan's "Hippopotamous Song". You know, the one that has the "Mud, mud, glorious mud" chorus. I wrote a new verse for it every year. I'd love to know where those verses are now.

So, I would nominate that wonderful anthem for bathroom bassos. It is, of course, more fun when you do it with a convivial group but, then, what isn't?

Mike Miller