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Posted By: catspaw49
22-Apr-99 - 09:27 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Special Favor for a Friend
Subject: Mudcat Special --- Favor for a Friend
Totally from out where the buses don't run (and where my mind resides).

Will you help me celebrate a close friend's achievement? Wayne Leading was a 25 year paramedic/EMT when the governmemnt closed the airbase where he worked. Wayne had no college credits, but at age 46, decided to pursue a degree as a Physician's Assistant. He was accepted in the PA program at an excellent PA college (Kettering in Dayton). He had to take all the prerequisite courses and then be accepted into the PA program. This he did. After 3 years,he graduates from the PA program this week.

What else--He has a wife and two boys, plus a 21 year old daughter who moved back home with her husband into an addition he added...and then presented him with a grandson. But he graduates with his family intact, and closer than ever. For most of the time he has driven a 200 mile/day round trip to attend Kettering. And he has gone year round with no time off. His wife Connie teaches full time so many people have helped out--the boys home school and have spent the 3 years with me during the day. With all this, he has still made time for family and friends, though I don't know how. He graduates with a 3.3 GPA. I couldn't have done it.

Will you help me do a little something that he'll get a kick out of??? Send him an e-mail...doesn't have to say more than CONGRATS. Use your Mudcat name if you like, and you can say anything else you, "How do you stand catspaw?" Whatever, but just take a minute and send a quick e-mail. If you need additional persuasion, I'll send Paw, Cletus, Reg, Reg, and Reg around to see you.

Wayne and Connie are our closest friends, they are our "family." The e-mail address is:

Thank you 'Catters in advance. I love this place and I know you'll come's a great community we have here.