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Posted By: Mr Happy
11-Jun-02 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide
Subject: Selling Items on Mudcat / auction
i've some questions about buying & selling items on mc.

1. is it allowed?

2. is it allowed to post buy/sell/swop ads on the open forum or is there a special place for these? [if its allowed]

the reason i'm asking is i've got an instrument i bought some time ago & although i persevered in trying to learn to play it i can't do it well enough for my own satisfaction.

i'd be interested in exchanging it for another instrument.

can you help?


mr h

Hi, Mr. Happy. Yeah, you can do it in a regular thread in the Forum, or you can sell it through the Mudcat Auction and give Mudcat a percentage of the sale price. We don't want to turn Mudcat into a marketplace, but it's ok to do that sort of thing occasionally.
-Joe Offer-