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Posted By: Laurel
22-Apr-99 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Life of a Voyageur/Voyager
Subject: Lyr Add: LIFE OF A VOYAGER
I just stumbled along this song- it's great!! I learned it at camp and recently found it in my three song books I've compiled over the years.


The life of a voyager that of a sojourner
travelin' around and round, but not from town to town
travelin' the lakes and streams, follows his distant dreams
peace on the waterways, clear skies and cloudy days...
my heart has but one home, from which I'll never roam;
Land of true happiness, Canadian Wilderness.
The call of the lonely loon, coyotes howlin' at the moon;
wind rustling through the trees, that's the Canadian breeze;
smoke rising from the fire, up to the trees going higher and higher.
reach to the sky in the evening glow, sun goes down no northwinds blow.

The mist from the distant falls, distant hooting of the owls,
fire crackling through the night, rising fog at dawn's first light.
Fall, when leaves come tumbling down, winter's blanket covers the ground.
Zephyrs whispering through the pines, voyager's heritage, this is mine.

The life of a voyager, that of a sojourner,
clear as a northern stream, key to his distant dream
Someday he'll find it there, place where he'll lose all care
Loons cry and the winds blow free, he'll find his liberty.