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Posted By: GUEST,Nerd
12-Jun-02 - 02:26 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lakes of Pontchartrain - Irish Words
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Lakes of Ponchartrain - Irish Words
Whew! In the time i take to compose a post, there's always a reply made to a previous post! Here goes:


I can appreciate your boredom at repeated information. But there are some people to whom an Irish translation of a folk song might hold interest. It is an old tradition in Ireland to translate both folk and book-learned materials into Irish and introduce them to the oral tradition...the best-known case would be the translations of Boccaccio that became part of the folktale tradition in the Blasket Islands. This could be seen as a continuation of that venerable tradition. In addition, Francie Mooney is not just "somebody" but a major force in Donegal folk music.

Your reply is sort of like hearing that Allen Ginsberg had translated Rimbaud into English and saying "well, i heard that a translation had been done by somebody, but who cares? It's all silliness" Francie's got every right to translate, and to be taken seriously by you and all of us.