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Posted By: nager
13-Jun-02 - 10:32 PM
Thread Name: Review: Martin's $500 Dreadnought 15
Subject: RE: Review: Martin's $500 Dreadnought 15
That sounds very expensive to me in the UK. Here in Australia I bought the guitar for $1500Aus with several extras thrown in like new strings etc, capo, strap etc plus the case which is included in the price. That's around 570 english pounds or $850 US. Not a bad price for Australia with its lousy dollar and import duties etc but still a lot dearer than the US's $500!! Martin had them listed on their site in the USA for around $980 US when I checked several months ago. However some dealers on the Net already had them discounted then. My local shop here had it priced at around $2000 Aus and discounted it by $500 when I haggled and mentioned the Net prices. A few months later the shop had a big sale on ALL guitars knocking several hundred dollars off most brands including Martin, Cort, Maton etc. And they moved heaps too. Can't understand why the D-15 should be priced at 899 pounds in the UK.. that's very expensive...well over $2300 AUS and considerably more than the US price. I will be in the UK in August/September and no doubt will drop into a few music shops while there. At those prices though, don't think I will be buying anything! Cheers Paul