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Posted By: Deda
14-Jun-02 - 07:01 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Latin form of Old MacDonald's Farm
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Latin form of Old MacDonald's Farm
I think I did in fact make a mistake with that "totum orbum" thing. What I was trying for was "the entire circle of the lands" which is latin for "in the whole wide world" and it's something like "totum orbum terrarum". Accusative can be used for destination, for duration, extent, various things, not just direct object. But you're absolutely right, "in" requires the ablative in this situation, so it should be "in orbi tota terrarum", assuming orbs, orbis is feminine, which I'm not sure about. If not, then "in orbi toto terrarum". So guest mgarvey, if Latin is a pass into heaven, you'll beat me to it. Optime!

Mark's patriotic ditty was "My country, tis of thee", and Liland's song is "Cuckaberry sits in the old gum tree... Laugh, cuckaberry, laugh cuckaberry, etc." Micca's is a particularly delightful piece of nonsense which I won't give away right away. It has to be said out loud with Latin vowels. I've also seen the first line as "Sibille, si ergo," which may or may not help at all.