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15-Jun-02 - 02:34 AM
Thread Name: Gospel Swap Weekend-- Good Idea?
Subject: RE: Gospel Swap Weekend-- Good Idea?
I guess you'd have to know me pretty well to know how seldom I get really crabby. I'm sorry I got pissy.

Here's another try at articulating what I have in mind. For additional information or discussion, CLICK HERE.



This thread is for exploring what might work for a weekend-long houseparty in late winter or very early spring 2003, devoted to sharing gospel music.

For the purposes of this discussion, "Gospel" music means any Christian music you want to pass along or hear.
For example:

Old-time (Carter type) gospel
Mountain gospel
Bluegrass gospel
Negro spirituals
White spirituals
Blues gospel
Black gospel
Southern gospel
Traditional hymns
Denominational hymns
Sacred harp
Christian contemporary (acoustic)
Your own compositions

I'd like the weekend to include an informal concert at our church on the Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon-- sort of a songcircle in front of others, with a planned song order, but everyone would play along and sing along. We have indoor accommodations for at least 20, with varying degrees of comfort including a non-allergenic dorm room. There are also affordable motels nearby. We would do some activites at our home and some at church, if we had enough people that it felt crowded at home. I plan to ask a modest donation for attending, per adult, on a sliding scale, and varying according to what people choose for accommodations. I think we can expect participants to bring food to share, and that we can all pitch in on kitchen chores. We could bring in a workshop presenter, too, or run less formal ones ourselves. ~Susan