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Posted By: Catherine Jayne
15-Jun-02 - 04:34 AM
Thread Name: Can you rosin the bow too much?
Subject: RE: Can you rosin the bow too much?
I've always removed the frog and GENTLY washed the bow hair with mild washing up liquid and water. However I found that you can only do this so many times before the bow needs to be rehaired. My fiddle tends to be wiped down with a soft cloth after I play to remove and rosin from the varnish. I use wax furniture polish in a tub not a spray and a soft cloth to polish the fiddle. My fiddle is over 100 years old and this has worked fine. When I was in youth orchestra we were told to spit, but this with a large group of children often lead to children spitting at children and all over the floor!!!

I was told to use alcohol on the strings either that or some that doesn't smell too strong, remember you have the fiddle under your chin and you don't want to pass out in mid session!!! Just don't get it on the varnish, finger board etc, strings only!!!!!

Have fun

Cat x