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Posted By: Jim Dixon
15-Jun-02 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/ADD: Ladies Go A-Thieving/Curious Times
Subject: Lyr Add: LADIES, DON'T GO THIEVING (from Bodleian)
Lyrics transcribed from the image of broadside "Harding B 11(2027)" at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. (Link given above.) Spelling and punctuation (but not grammar) corrected according to current standards.


Oh, don't we live in curious times? You scarce could be believing!
When Frenchmen fight and emperors die, and ladies go a-thieving!
A beauty of the West End went. Around a shop she lingers.
And there upon some handkerchiefs she clapped her pretty fingers.

CHO: Into the shop she gently popped. The world is quite deceiving
When ladies have a notion got to ramble out a-thieving.

Thieving is a naughty trade, as I unto you will state.
If a poor man stole a penny loaf, they'd send him off to Newgate.
They would give them six months in jail 'cause in roguery he was dealing,
But here's a lady in a veil who rambled out a-stealing.

Her husband when he heard the news received a regular twister.
He vowed he'd bleed and jolop her, and her pretty fingers blister,
Because she did not steal for want, nor was she getting thinner.
She had silks to wear, and all things nice, and did not want a dinner.

Not very far from Baker Street, this lady in her rigging
Went out so grand, you understand, to have a turn at prigging.
But lack-a-daisy, she got caught. The shopman he did mark her.
"I say," says he, "marm, if you please, pray what have you been arter?

"You have been prigging, marm," says he. "Your looks are quite deceiving.
So help me, bob, you'll go to quod for going out a-thieving.
I would not believe that you could thieve. You've done it, marm, so clever,
But you are caught as quick as thought. Oh dear, did you ever!"

The draper bawled beneath her shawl, "What do you mean by this, then?"
And quickly she was in the hands of a stunning great policeman
Who walked her off, so help me, bob. She really was deceiving.
And the magistrate sent her to quod for going out a-thieving.

Now ladies all, take my advice and you will always find it:
Honesty is the best policy. Pray, ladies, try to mind it.
Don't covet other people's goods or be the least deceiving.
Do what is right, lead a honest life, and don't go out a-thieving.