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Posted By: Sharon Day
24-Jun-97 - 08:40 AM
Thread Name: Tune up: Fantasy Folk Circle
Subject: RE: Tune up: Fantasy Folk Circle

Wow! What a Jam Session. Just got online, was searching database for words to a tune and ended up in the middle of this giant Jam!! Do you mind if I join in - quietly of course - with my hammered dulcimer. (We H.D. players have gotten a bat rep. in some circles, sadly) If you'd rather I didn't bring my H.D., how about my Hawaiian tremeloa? (You'd better answer NO to that one.) That's one of the most unplayable instruments I've ever discovered in my search for old, unusual instruments! Now my guitar-zither, maybe I'll bring that. Maybe I'll join you again another day - if I can remember how I got here today!! Any other collectors of old unusual instruments, reach me at