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Posted By: Tig
16-Jun-02 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: PELs - Letters to important folk.
Subject: RE: PELs - Letters to important folk.
The Badger just got a letter back from our MP telling him that he does not, as a rule, sign EDMs. He also quotes Kim Howell :-

"Our plans for the modernisation of the licensing regimes were set out clearly in the White Paper "Time for Reform" (Cm. 4696). We proposed that the current exemption from public entertainment licensing that allows two musicians to perform live in premises licensed for the sale of alcohol should end. This is because one or two live musicians using powerful microphone and amplifiers can make more noise and so generate more nuisance for local residents that three without. Alcohol and public entertainment licensing will be integrated into a single scheme. This would remove at a stroke a considerable amout of existing red tape and reduce the licensing cost which currently deter many venues from providing live music and dancing. The reforms will be implemented by means a primary legislation to be brought forward as soon as parliamentary time permits"

It sounds to me like a load of gobbledegook to try and put off the reforms as long as possible! Our MP also says "I will of course continue to monitor developments with this matter carefully". (Have a sweetie little boy and keep off my back!!!!!).