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Posted By: The Shambles
17-Jun-02 - 03:06 AM
Thread Name: PELs - Letters to important folk.
Subject: RE: PELs - Letters to important folk.
Tig ( and others), Thanks for your efforts. can I suggest that you write again, with your detailed concerns for folk music activities now and under the proposed, asking your MP to forward these to Dr Howells.

I have sent the following to mine.

A click on the above link will enable you to read this council's position in their own words, in the letter to the pub. A position that is held in complete opposition to the one stated by Dr Howells as the Government's.

Where the "two in a bar" rule should not be used to prevent ordinary people making music in pubs (or indeed tapping their feet).

Can you please urgently advise what Dr Howells is going to do under the current legislation to protect valuable cultural activities from this stupidity, which is making this nation a laughing stock?

His department have done nothing, despite this problem being brought to his attention by yourself in early 2001, over the actions of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council and detailed in the Commons debate on 27 February 2002.

140 MP's have now signed EDM 1182.

How many more traditional activities are this Government's Culture Department just going to sit back an allow the nation to lose? Urgent action is now required, can you please contact Dr Howells again and advise what form this action will take, to ensure that local authorities will now follow the Minister's wishes and free the public from this unjustified oppression?

Mr Caborn, on behailf of the Government, in the 27 February 2002 Commons debate stated.

>The hon. Gentleman asks whether we can give guidance to local authorities. I do not think that we can, but I take on board the point that he makes, and I shall speak to officials tomorrow to find out whether we can produce some guidance. If that can be done, I will ensure that it is. I shall also consider the issue that he raised about the website.<

As this was over 3 months ago, I can only assume that 'we' couldn't produce some guidance, could you please establish exactly why not?

Who is in charge here?

Is it not more a question that the DCMS must give guidance?

Or despite their public statements, do this government really not care about the current ongoing local authority harrassment of cultural activities?