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Posted By: Suffet
18-Jun-02 - 07:07 AM
Thread Name: Woody Guthrie Birthday Bash II
Subject: RE: Woody Guthrie Birthday Bash II

To be sung to the tune of Red Wing by Thurland Chattaway & Kerry Mills. Tune used by Woody Guthrie for Union Maid.

New words by Stephen L. Suffet © 2001, 2002

In the town that they call Fort Lee,
In the State of New Jersey,
Lived a pretty lass with an old guitar,
She played in every pub and bar.
When she played a country song,
The barflies sang along,
But then one night I tried to lure,
That pretty lass to the New York shore.

Chorus: Oh, will she come across to New York,
Across to New York, across to New York?
Oh, will she come across to New York,
To the Guthrie Birthday Bash?

Will she climb that Pallisade ridge,
And cross that Washington Bridge?
Or slide on down to Hoboken,
And use her last PATH train token?
Or maybe this sweet hon'll,
Take the Lincoln Tunnel,
Or if her bank roll's wearing thin,
Maybe she'll just swim!

[Repeat chorus.]

When she climbs out of the river,
A towel I will give 'er,
And when she's safely on dry land,
I'll put a guitar in her hand.
Then we'll sing and play duet,
In the sweetest harmony yet,
And if she has five bucks in cash,
She'll be at the Birthday Bash.

[Repeat chorus.]

---- Steve