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Posted By: Les from Hull
19-Jun-02 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: WorldCup-another one bites the dust
Subject: RE: BS: WorldCup-another one bites the dust
Someone calculated that there were 122 World Cup players who play for English teams. England has just Owen Hargreaves who plays in Germany. I can't believe that anyone should have this kind of attitude, similar to some of the things that were said here when David Beckham's pre-World Cup injury was caused by an Argentinian.

I agree that refereeing decisions haven't favoured Italy, but this sort of thing happens. TV technology points it out to everybody, but the referee is only doing his best, and his assistants don't have the benefit of slow-motion replay.

Perhaps Italy should have played up to their potential - they have some great players - and perhaps Gaucci should make sure his players are as enthusiastic when they play for his club.