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Posted By: Wolfgang
20-Jun-02 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: WorldCup-another one bites the dust
Subject: RE: BS: WorldCup-another one bites the dust

122 seemed to be too many to me, but I can easily be mistaken. However, assuming that 122 was the correct number at the start, that means that 100 players from English leagues played in the 31 teams (except the English, of course). Roughly 3 players per team. Now, before the quarter final we have 12 players from English leagues in the 7 non-English teams left, which makes roughly 1.5 per team. That's where my nasty remark (teams with fewer players from the English leagues did better) came from.

On second thought, despite the many surprises, relatively more of the 'weak' teams have been eliminated. Assuming that 'weak' teams come from countries in which most players play abroad, that pattern that I have spotted for players from the English leagues should be expected also for all other major (money) leagues. But I don't have numbers to check that.

At this moment, 5 players from the German Bundesliga remain in the world cup in the 7 non-German teams. Not a high number.