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26-Apr-99 - 07:03 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name
Ar Éirinn Ní Neosfainn Cé Hí
[= For Ireland I won't tell you who she is]
as performed by Dervish on their Live in Palma album
Sorry about the many missing pieces ...

There's a home by the wide (avonmole ???)
That will sweep on the (brannagh ???) and sea
And white ribbons (... ???)
(... ???) to the breeze
Where the green ivy clings round the door
And the (... ???) sweety thing (... ???)
Oh my darling a-tuning the notes
Ar Éirinn ní neosfainn cé hi

Like a sick man that lands farther down
I do land for the light of this man
And I pray for own colleen (ban ???)
By (... ???) Irish stew
Oh I climb on the hills of this land
And I swim o'er the (deaths ???) of the sea
To get one kiss from a lily white hand
Ar Éirinn ní neosfainn cé hi

I have (... ???) of those years
Of my life (... ???) through sunshine and rain
And I should even mention by night
For to shield her one moment from pain
For (hasheem ???) in my comfort
(In I've no ???) more comfort enjoyed
(She maybe she ???) is my own,
She is mine come astrife (... ???)
Ar Éirinn ní neosfainn cé hi

Ah but when I (... ???) my own
And is married (... ???) will be
Like a king and a queen on the throne
We will be living in sweet (gentil ???)
Oh 'tis in, I'll have a home of my own
And I (... ???) nice harmony
Oh 'tis then that I'll name where (... ???)
Far far Ireland won't tell her name