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Posted By: Barbara
22-Jun-02 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Daniel O'Connell and His Steam Engine
Subject: RE: Daniel O'Connell & His Steam Engine
No, he's a BC (Canada)Irish storyteller and singer, now in his 80's (if he's still alive; I haven't been to the BC gatherings lately) who learned much of his music from his family.
He has a long fabulous history, hard to tell how much is true, but says his Da fled Ireland in the beginning of the century and lived many places around the world, including Tibet and China before coming to the US and Canada. He claims that English is the fifth language he learned as a child. (If you look back in the posts, you'll see I quoted him about this song. The quote came from a handmade tape he gave me).
Now he could have learned the song later in life, but he said about the songs on the tape that he learned them from the singing of his parents and their friends.
At any rate, he didn't learn it from DT because if you'll look back, the song he sings has a different ending than the DT one, an ending I quoted above. Looks like it's a version of "I Crossed Over the Gap" with slightly different wording on the ending.