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Posted By: GUEST,Joerg
24-Jun-02 - 10:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Jack Dolan
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: JACK DOLAN
Maybe I can help a little.

Jack Dolan is NOT the Wild Colonial Boy, I think it's a re-write usíng the lyrics - the melody is completely different and there's arefrein added. And to me it isn't half as boring as The Wild Colonial Boy.

What keeps me from doing this song myself is that I never understood the refrain (I'm german) and never found the correct lyrics anywhere. So please forgive me if the following lyrics aren't correct (they are from memory) and incomplete. The chords should be ok.

There [G]was a wild co[D]lonial boy Jack [C]Dolan was his [D]name

From [C]poor but [D]honest [C]parents he was [G]born in [D]Castle[G]maine

He [G]was his father's [D]only son, his [C]mother's pride and [D]joy

And [C]dearly [D]did his [C]parents love their [G]wild co[D]lonial [G]boy.

(repeat chords for second half of verse)


So [G]come on [D]all you [C]????[G]???? (harties, hearties - what's that?) we'll [G]roam the [D]mountains [C]high

To[C or G]gether [D]we will [C]plunder and to[G]gether [D]we will [G]die

We'll [G]wander [D]all the [C]val[G]leys, we'll [G]gallop [D]o'er the [C]plains

We'll [C or G] scorn to [D]live in [C]slavery bound [G]down in [D]iron and [G]chains

So as for the verses - just look at those many versions of The Wild Colonial Boy and sing the words you like best. And as for the chorus - anybody knowing english out there? - I would appreciate your help myself.

Have fun.