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Posted By: rich-joy
25-Jun-02 - 08:17 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Back to Broome (Ted Egan)
Subject: Lyr Add: BACK TO BROOME (Ted Egan)
(Ted Egan)

I'm takin' you back to Broome today
What'll we do when we get to Broome?
All aboard a lugger, we're on our way
What'll we do in Broome?

You'll see Broome's fascinating ways
Japanese, Koepangers, and Malays
I'm takin' you back to early days
The hurly, burly, pearly days
The good old days in Broome!

CHORUS: So it's: Haul away! Heave away!
Up with the anchor chain – two! three! four!
Haul away! Heave away!
We're goin' back to Broome again!

I'm takin' you back...
What'll we do...
All aboard a lugger...
What'll we do...

There's a pearling master so astute
A Japanese diver lookin' ever so cute
Sovereign buttons on a starched white suit
And a mouth full of golden teeth to boot
He's properly flash in Broome.

So it's: Haul away! …

We'll take a trip to Chinatown
At the Roebuck Pub, we'll knock one down
Broome's the place of great renown
The people are black, white, yellow, and brown
It's Technicolor in Broome.

I'm takin' you back to Broome with me
And if you want to learn about history
Sit in the shade of a Tamarind tree
Meet the Unsinkable Kennedy
And he'll tell you all about Broome.

We'll go for a ride on a funny little train
And take a walk down Sheba Lane
But when you get back don't try to explain
Your wife won't let you go back again
You'll never get back to Broome.

There's a team of Manila-men sorting shell
Singing the lugger-boat songs as well
Splice the mainbrace! Ring the bell!
The rest of the world can go to hell!
We'll have a good time in Broome.

I'm takin' you back to Broome, me dears
At the Conti Pub have a few cold beers
There's Con Gill's cockatoo, block yer ears
The greatest swearer heard in years
And he's cursing his luck in Broome.

Hear Captain Tallboys tell a tale
On the verandah in front of Streeter & Male
At the Governor Broome we'll quaff an ale
Watching the luggers as they set sail
Sailing today from Broome.

At Matzo's Store you'll buy the best
You'll see Billy Dampier's treasure chest
Head for Broome, forsake the rest
Broome's the pearl of the Golden West
We'll have a good time in Broome.

Cheers! RJB