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Posted By: GUEST,Philippa
25-Jun-02 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Making Babies By Steam
Subject: RE: DTStudy: Making Babies By Steam
"Could Masato be persuaded to set down the original version as presented by Edith Fowke? Which collection?" See the first message in this thread. "Edith Fowke. "Traditional Singers and Songs from Ontario", Folklore Associates/Burns & MacEachern (1965)

The DT version will be very similar; I wrote down the lyrics from memory and I first learned the song from Edith Fowke's collection. Edith Fowke collected the song from O J Abbot - see 'discography' in the first message and also the first sentence under in 'word correction': O J Abbot,"Irish and British Songs from the Ottawa Valley", Folkways

DaveO - your message would fit into an ordinary thread, rather than a DT study thread - see the last few lines of verse 4.

I suggest that others who can add useful background information such as Wolfgang has done regarding Johnny McEvoys LP should try to use the headings of the first message. For example:
DISCOGRAPHY: Johnny McEvoy, 'For the poor and the gentry'