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Posted By: GUEST,bronco
25-Jun-02 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cuánto le Gusta (R Gilbert, G Ruiz)
Subject: RE: Lyric req: Quanta la Gusta
Someone said they just got back from somewhere.
A friend of mine that I don't even know

He said there's lots of fun if we can get there

If that's the case. That's the place.

The place we want to go

We gotta get goin' where we go and what are we gonna do?

We're on our way to somewhere, the three of us and you

Who will be there what'll we see there what'll be the big surprise

There maybe senoritas with dark and flashing eyes

We're on our way so pack your bags

And if we stay we won't come back

How can we go we haven't got a dime

But we're goin' and we're gonna have a happy time