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Posted By: Philippa
28-Apr-99 - 08:30 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Ta/ Mo Chleamhnas A Dhe/anamh
Subject: Lyr Add: TÁ MO CHLEAMHNAS 'A DHÉANAMH (from Altan)
Altan version:
Tá mo chleamhnas 'a dhéanamh inniu agus inné
'S ní mó ná go dtaitníonn an bhean udaí liom féin
Ach fuigfidh mé mo dhiaidh í, 's rachaidh mé leat féin
Síos fána coillte craobhaigh.

A match was a-making here last night
And it isn't with the girl that I love the best
I'll leave her behind and I'll go along with you
Down by the banks of the ocean.

'Mo chodladh go h-eadarshuth b'aite liom féin
Leabaí luachair a bheith faoi mo thaobh
Buideal brandaí a bheith faoi mo cheann
'S mo chailín deas óg 'bheith I mo lámh liom.

Sleeping to milking-time is my delight
A bed of green rushes underneath my side
A bottle of brandy underneath my head
And a charming young maid in my arms.

Shiúil mise thoir agus shiúil mise thiar
Shiúil mise Corcaigh 'gus sráideanna Bhaile ' Cliath.
Macasamhail mo chailín ní fhaca mise riamh
'Sí 'n bhean í a d'fhág mo chroí

I walked east and I walked west
I walked Cork and Dublin's streets
An equal to my love I didn't meet
She's the wee lass that's left my heart broken.

á = á = a/
é = é = e/
í = í =i/
ó = ó = o/
ú = ú = u/

It would have been better, Packrat, to have added this query and answer to an earlier Cleamhnas thread, but I didn't want to take the time to look it up and make a clickable link.
Altan sing both Irish and English translation, a practice that goes back to (?) a couple of generations anyway.