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Posted By: wysiwyg
02-Jul-02 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: OBIT: Rosie, the Guide Horse
Subject: RE: OBIT: Rosie, the Guide Horse
For non-horse-folk, the argument for halters left on is that if your horse gets loose, how are you or anyone else gonna grab it to catch it? There are breakaway halters, though, made strong enough that a struggling horse can pop it, but not a human pulling it or, presumably, the weight of a human being dragged around by an uncooperative horse.

Me, I'm for those breakaways, but that's because I had a head-shy horse who, if she had gotten loose, could not have been expected to cooperate if I carried a halter to catch her and tried to get it on her. I'd have rather left her loose, but it wasn't my fence and I could not be sure it was tight each and every day I wasn't there to see it.