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Posted By: Walter Corey
03-Jul-02 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add:The Ballad of Stalin (songs about Stalin)
Subject: Lyr Add: LITTLE JOE THE RUSTLER (Joe Glazer)^^
Here's a different take on Stalin:

(by Joe Glazer)
tune: Little Joe the Wrangler

Oh Little Joe, the Rustler, will rustle nevermore
His schemin' in the Kremlin is all through
'Twas back in 1907 that he robbed the Tiflis bank
& he landed in the prison at Baku -

(Cho #1)Well he rustled off through Europe & he rustled through the world
From Germany out to the China Sea
Joe Stalin purged & plundered as his black mustache he twirled
& he did it in the name of liberty

He rode with Nicolai Lenin who was leader of the band
But Stalin had ambitions of his own
He learned to rope & shoot & ride until he led them all
& he succeeded Lenin to the throne - cho.#1

Now Little Joe he purged Bukar & Trotsky & the rest
Zenobiev & many others too
He said they all were traitors & he shot them down like dogs
Till he alone remained of all the crew - cho #2

(cho #2)Well he wove an Iron Curtain & encircled half the world
He gobbled up his neighbors one by one
He called it liberation but his name was cursed by all
As the people saw their countries overrun

"Twas in the spring of '53 that Joseph Stalin died
They laid him next to Lenin in a tomb
There were no tears, no broken hearts, no grief throughout the world
When Little Joe' the Rustler, met his doom - cho #1

On Folkways 05802: American History in Ballad & Song, v2 ^^