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Posted By: toadfrog
03-Jul-02 - 01:28 PM
Thread Name: Mary don't you weep--meaning
Subject: RE: Mary don't you weep--meaning
This thread is definitely a BS thread. Malcom is usually the one to say, "It's a mistake to read too much into these songs." And he is usually right. That goes for this stuff, with knobs on! "Mary weeping" is a pretty clear reference. We know which Mary "wept," and why. There is no reason to think Magadaline is meant. The rest of the theories here appear to be based on nothing but speculation. Folk songs are not necessarily composed. They trade verses around. They do not necessarily reflect the sentiments you want to find in them. It is disrespectful of a people and a tradition to read meanings into their songs to fit your own ideological bent.

One understands songs intuitively, on the basis of the words, tune and feeling of the song. This kind of verbalizing, unless it is supported by facts, adds exactly nothing.

Hey, Susan, I thought we were not supposed to paste in lyricts that are already in DT!