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Posted By: Mr Happy
05-Jul-02 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why aren't most Mudcatters musicians
Subject: RE: BS: Why aren't most Mudcatters musicians
i feel this site & all its serious + unserious [bs] topics is but a written down encapsulation of a typical night out at a fc or session.

we all don't just sing, play music only- we talk, chat, discuss with our chums music, songs and every other subject under the sun [or rather, it being night time-under the moon] & we enjoy each other's company like on mc.

there's in-jokes & out-jokes, cliques, openness, exclusivity, inclusiveness all at the same time.

people can get pissed off with each other too like mc, then make up & agree to disagree,but all in all, its brill- the music, singing,fun, the craic- its just like real life!

[or am i just sad or easily pleased?- i don't think so]

cheer up,

mr h