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Posted By: Art Thieme
05-Jul-02 - 11:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why aren't most Mudcatters musicians
Subject: RE: BS: Why aren't most Mudcatters musicians
When I was a kid in Chicago in the 1940s--early 50s, I saw Duffy Fisher remove dog shit from his shoe with his hand---an unheard of thing to do. Then I made the mistake of telling Mike Gains what Duffo had done. That put a rent between the factions that was never to be healed. We all began to walk to school always looking, over our shoulders because our backs had to be carefully watched. Defensively, we always walked down the opposite sides of the street. Winter meant snowball fights. Summer meant less than it used to. The next year an escalation reared it's ugly head; snowballs with rocks inside of 'em---and sometimes frozen dog merde---began to be regular parts of the various arsenals. When we were older, we all formed our respective street gangs----and all that that entails. Now we're at Mudcat and we are all busy giving each other the electro-finger from the supposed safety of our cyberspace terminals.

LET'S ALL JUST GROW UP and emulate the wonderful examples provided for us by the governments of our various nations.

This is a non-musical posting if you hadn't figured it out.


Art Thieme