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Posted By: Joe Offer
29-Apr-99 - 03:31 PM
Thread Name: Father oh Father - looking for related songs
Subject: Lyr Add: JOHN ADAIR^^^
The Inimitable Art posted this song in the "lonely singles" thread. I swear I've heard other versions, but of course I can't find 'em. can anybody supply other versions of information about this song? Seems to me that it must have a colorful history.
-Joe Offer-
Case in point: I used to do a "love medley". I'd start with the chorus to "Careless Love" and go into "Frankie & Johnny"--then "Careless Love" chorus again--- then "My Sweetheart's A Mule In the Mine" ---then the chorus to "Careless Love" again--then "The Old Lady That Loved A Swine"--- "Careless Love" chorus again, then "Rye Whisky" & "C.L." then "No More Booze" & "C.L."---then "Cocaine" & "C.L." (many possibilities: "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream", "I Hate War And So Does Elanore", "The Death Of Harry Simms", "John Henry", "Barbara Allen"-------and I'd always end with
"Father oh Father"

Father, oh dear father, I hope that you don't care,
I want to wed my lover--my lover John Adair,

Daughter, oh dear daughter, you're gonna have to find another,
You cannot marry John Adair, for he is your half brother.

(goes through several possible husbands with the same result. Then she tearfully goes to her mother.)

Mother,oh, dear mother--lord I am undone,
Every boy I love turns out to be my father's son!

Daughter, oh, dear daughter go ahead and take your vow,
It aint no sin 'cause you aint no kin to your daddy anyhow!!!

(Of course, that's followed by "CARELESS LOVE")

Love to you all,

Art Thieme

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-Joe Offer-