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Posted By: MudGuard
08-Jul-02 - 08:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: German 'Catters? Help with translation
Subject: RE: BS: German 'Catters? Help with translation
Indes - I'd guess it comes from the West Indies, a Caribbean group of islands, I think in French they are called (Ouest) Indes.

Guyana would be not too far from there, while Guinea is is in Africa.
Guyana/Guinea could be mixed up esp. when heard, not read...

Now, if the hair being hidden in was of the curlier sort, it would certainly explain why the princess was suddenly happy to get married -- "He can hide in places I've never imagined, and he's so talented!" ;-)
But what would he want to do and why would it make the princess so happy if he were in the princess's arm pits? ;-)