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Posted By: Mrrzy
08-Jul-02 - 03:25 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Red Iron Ore / Derry down, down
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Red Iron Ore / Derry down, down
The version I have differs as follows from what is posted:

Verse 1: same

Verse 2: ...And on Monday morning a trip we did take / On a ship named the Roberts sailing out in the lake

Verse 3: missing in my version, so the next verse runs "...she threw the white spray" and in the next line, that is SAND, not SNAD.

Verse 4, your verse 6, my words in CAPS: Next morning we HOVE alongside the Exile
And soon WERE made fast to THAT iron ore pile,
They lowered their chutes WHICH SOON STARTED TO roar,
They WERE FILLING THE SHIP WITH that red iron ore.

Next verse: Some sailors took shovels while others got spades,
And some WORKED AT SLUICING, each man to his trade.
We looked like red devils, our BACKS THEY got sore.
We cursed Escanaba and that RED iron ore

Then my last verse combines your last 2:

WE SAILED HER TO Cleveland, made fast stem and stern
And WITH OUR COMPANIONS we'll spin a big yarn.
Here's a health to the Roberts, she's STRONG AND SHE'S true,
HERE'S A HEALTH TO the bold boys that MAKE UP her crew.

The more I hear this song in my brain, the less it's by Ed McCurdy. It might be Bob Gibson. I'll have to ask Mom next time I go up... or does anybody here recognize my exact version?