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Posted By: Marion
08-Jul-02 - 04:57 PM
Thread Name: Best pickup for a fiddle?
Subject: RE: Best pickup for a fiddle?
RichM made this comment:

"Be sure to listen to any device before you buy, if possible. As well as a pickup, I would recommend a good tone control box, because you will likely need to modify the raw output of whatever you install on your fiddle.I like the Baggs DI/ tone control. It allows maximum shaping of tone. It may be more than you need, but I like it because I can send a low impedance signal (that is, 3-pin mic style output) to a sound board at performances-as well as a hi impedance output to an amp I use on stage as my personal instrument monitor. And I'd suggest something used, try Song Bird Music. "

Thanks. I'm thinking now that it might be best to get a microphone; any thoughts on microphones that are good for both fiddle and voice?