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Posted By: Lane
08-Jul-02 - 11:16 PM
Thread Name: Need Chord Chart for Open C Tuning and..
Subject: RE: Need Chord Chart for Open C Tuning and..
Well.... good info all...thanks. I've looked at the link that Peter listed before... it has several tuining, but not open C... and open D, tuned down, does not open C make, as near as I can tell....

Hmmmmm.... well, I'm just learing about alternate tunings, so I'm pretty dumb on this stuff... but, well... here's what I'm trying to figure out -

I am told that playing the un-fretted strings in open C tuning actually makes a D chord - is that right? I'm tuning it as: CGCGCD (didn't know there was more than one way!) So... I have a particular song that I play in D and want to try in open C because I like the sound of the tuning.... so I've figured out a few of the chords I need... but not all... maybe if I list 'em here someone can dig me out....

D D7 G Gm F#m Bm A7 Em7 D9

Now... I don't know... again, I'm new to these tunings... should I be using a differnt one? I'm just dabbling in DADGAD.... a few others.... heck, I don't know.... Any help appreciated!