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Posted By: The Walrus at work
10-Jul-02 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: British vs. American names
Subject: RE: BS: British vs. American names
My father was Ernest Charles (and known to one and all as Ernie), my mother Emma Jane Amelia (Emmy)(her mother was Emma Jane) and I am Alfred Thomas (Tom).
I'm not sure where you would place those names or their abrieviations on the list of "national" names. The only one I can vouch for, for certain is Alfred (a name I dislike [1]- and never use), which dates back to, at least, the Saxon period as "Ælfred" (and Elf counceller).

Have fun

Tom (Walrus)

[1] When I was at Junior school, the "Batman" series was on TV with their butler "Alfred" - 'nuff said?