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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
16-Jul-02 - 12:01 AM
Thread Name: WHAT IS THE 'HOOK'?
Subject: RE: WHAT IS THE 'HOOK'?
Jeep man,

First off, not all songs have a hook. Having said that, a hook is simply a line, usually in the chorus, of a song that stands out from the rest of the song in some way and grabs the listener's attention.

Example: Most folkies are familiar with John Prine's song "Paradise". Try to imagine the song without the line "Mr. Peabody's coal train done hauled it away". It wouldn't be the same song. That one line sums up J.P.'s feelings on the subject. The rest of the song is, in a way, the backdrop against which that one line is presented. It's also the one line most people who have never heard the song are going to remember.

I don't listen to commercial country music if I can avoid it, but most successful country songs have a hook. The strength of the hook is one of the things that country singers consider when choosing songs to record.



A turnaround is sort of like that judge from the 70's definition of obscenity. I know one when I hear it but I'm damned if I can explain what it is to someone else. Is that a cop-out or what? *G*