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16-Jul-02 - 03:00 PM
Thread Name: Help: nic jones reissue
Subject: RE: Help: nic jones reissue
Pavane said:

"I think Peter Bellamy was also affected, which may have been a factor in his tragic death."

These kinds of hysterical statements are wholly baseless. A difficult business man Bulmer may be, but not he, or any other human being, has the kind of power to effect others being attributed to Bulmer in these Celtic Music urban legends.

This is why so many of us have no respect for the Jones camp. They claim Bulmer kicked a cripple when he was down, now are making spurious claims that he bears some responsibility for the death of another folk musician.

What the hell does that have to do with anything? Nic Jones sold his rights. No one here has seen a copy of the contract, and so doesn't know if he lost his right to royalties along with the rights to the songs.

Bulmer obviously has decided to cash in on Nic's current popularity, knowing a lot of people will buy his reissue, in addition to the Mollie Music releases. Prior to the upsurge in interest in Nic, he had no incentive to reissue Nic's material, as Nic was no longer in the business and so couldn't generate sales. That happens all the time, like Ron says--business is business.

OTOH (again), the Jones camp seem to think that Bulmer ought to run Celtic Music as a charity in Nic's case, and just turn over the masters, the rights and the royalties to him because he is no longer able to earn a living as a musician. Of course, that doesn't mean the same thing as he isn't able to earn a living, as we've seen with his resurrection in the music business through Mollie Music.

I don't guess he is getting rich from the release of the two albums, but I'm guessing that the albums are making him some money now. But that still doesn't seem to be enough to satisfy the Jones camp.