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Posted By: GUEST,pavane
16-Jul-02 - 03:48 PM
Thread Name: Help: nic jones reissue
Subject: RE: Help: nic jones reissue
I am well aware of the 'goading' of the guest, which I am using for my own purposes (to keep this thread going).

SeanN, are you familiar with the publishing business? As in most fields, people sign contracts which give both sides rights. You don't get published unless you do.

Have you seen a copy of the contact in question? Then don't assume its contents. Recording contracts provide for the artist to receive royalties. Signing one does NOT sign away all your rights, it is there to protect them.

A contract is an agreement between parties as to what rights each has. For one party to renege on this is called 'breach of contract'. Contracts, and the ability to enforce them, are essential to business and society.

(Of course, when the Government doesn't keep its word, that is something different - isn't it?)