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Posted By: alanabit
16-Jul-02 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: Chords Req: Let Ramensky Go - Ballad of WWI Eng
Subject: RE: Let Ramensky Go - Ballad of WWI Eng ^^
George H. The film you are thinking of was called "Triple Cross", made in the sixties starring Christopher Plummer (of "The Sound of Music" notoriety). However, I believe we are talking about a different character. I think that we are after an English gentleman safeblower/tea leaf from London. He may have been called Eddie Chapman - but my memory can be unreliable. I recall reading an obituary of him in the Guardian a few years back. His story was slightly different. His career of successful safe blowing had been interrupted by his unsuccessful avoidance of the interested authorities and he was already doing bird in the Channel Islands when the Germans invaded. He offered his services to the Germans as a spy. When they sent him back to Britain, he promptly turned himself into the authorities and offered to return to spy on the Germans in return for a free pardon. For the rest of the war, he double crossed the Germans by spying on them. However, the joke was on him. When he was given his pardon after the war, he recognised instantly that it was not worth the paper it was written on. During the Blitz, unknown to him, the Criminal Records Office had been destroyed - so the authorities had no legitimate reason to keep him inside! The film was called "Triple Cross" for that reason. I believe that he managed to stay out of prison for the rest of his life.