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Posted By: Nerd
17-Jul-02 - 01:35 AM
Thread Name: Where's all the young folk?
Subject: RE: Where's all the young folk?
Damn people, play nice!

Guest, 1st guest

I'll tell you why I didn't respond to your first message: I barely noticed it. It was so short, and as Susan said, it didn't seem to have anything to do with the thread title. So I read past it, to other people's posts, and soon forgot there was a URL there at all.

If the thread title is a question, I assume the initial poster is asking that question, not answering it. So if I see a post called "how do you tune a mandolin?" I don't expect a URL of a site that tells you how to tune a mandolin. That would go under, say, "New site for tuning mandolins." And if your goal is to promote a great new band, a thread title like "Great New band" is probably your best bet. I don't think you were negative, I just didn't get what you were driving at, and I suspect a lot of others here did the same.