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Posted By: Jim Krause
17-Jul-02 - 10:31 AM
Thread Name: WHAT IS THE 'HOOK'?
Subject: RE: WHAT IS THE 'HOOK'?
I understand the idea you are trying to get accross, Amos. But I am going to insist that a hook, either in a newspaper article, or a song is used to mask mediocre writing.

What makes Barbara Allen stand the test of time is that it is a compelling story of two star-crossed lovers; not some catchy cliché. As I sarcastically pointed out, back in the '70s Donna Sommer was a master at taking really lousy songs and creating hooks by faking orgasms. That got your attention, and who really cared? That driving disco beat was all that mattered. There was no compelling story like the one in Barbara Allen and the writing fell far, far below Henry C. Work's My Grandfather's Clock.

I will maintain, with all due respect, that a good lyric should stand on its own without a cheap crutch like a hook.