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18-Jul-02 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: Help: nic jones reissue
Subject: RE: Help: nic jones reissue
I have several questions which have never been satisfactorily answered by the Jones camp.

1) When did Nic Jones sell the rights to his songs, and to whom? Why did Nic Jones sell his rights, and did he consult a solicitor with experience in such matters before he signed those rights away?

2) Considering that Nic was no longer able to perform and promote his records after his accident, just how was him regaining the rights to his work supposed to have made a substantial economic difference in his and his family's quality of life?

3) What record label would have sunk their financial and other resources into Nic Jones reissues when there was no market for them for most of the past 20 years, and Nic wasn't able to promote them for sale after the hypothetical release?

4) Why do the Jones camp feel the above issues, when discussed rationally, somehow means that all Nic Jones' or Peter Bellamy's problems in life should be laid at the doorstep of the person/company who owns the masters and the rights to their material?