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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
18-Jul-02 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: Where's all the young folk?
Subject: RE: Where's all the young folk?
The main problem for younger players does seem to be finding other people to play with, and places where they can do it; it wasn't easy when I started to learn back in the 1970s, either. Round here (Sheffield UK) there are at least some opportunities now; a "folk orchestra" for (mainly) pre-teens; workshops (some of the Pack/422 started out there) and at least one pub session where the youngest player (cello) is about 12; though he does have to come with his mum, who plays fiddle, and most of us are a lot older than he is. I've been transcribing tunes into bass clef for him, as he isn't used to playing by ear yet, though he'll pick it up soon enough. By then, he probably won't want to play with oldies like us, but, if we've done our job properly, he'll be better placed to find people of his own age to work with, and should be comfortable with other musicians of any age in the future.

I guess that's the best we can do; older players need to understand the impatience of the young, and younger players need to appreciate the experience of their elders. It's always likely to be an uneasy compromise, but with mutual good will we can accomplish a lot. The music, after all, is more important than our own fragile egos, and will outlive us all.