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Posted By: Art Thieme
19-Jul-02 - 12:39 AM
Thread Name: WHAT IS THE 'HOOK'?
Subject: RE: WHAT IS THE 'HOOK'?
Da HOOK is the thing at the end of the gaff----what ya gotta bite on before ya get hauled in.

Da scam is sayin' ya got a stone in the bag---that ya only need a potato to make a stone stew. Then ya goes to another place and gets a carrot or an onion and then a chicken----or da cash to buy dese tings---and desert and drinks to boot.

Or a gal goes into a truck stop. Sits alone in a booth and takes a cupcake out o' her purse. She puts one candle on it, lights it, and sadly, with a tear or two slidin' down her face, she sings a haltingly poignant "Happy Birthday To You". She not only gets whatever she wants from the restaurant but the truckers take up a collection for her. One of 'em gives her a ride and before they hit Pittsburgh, proposes marriage---or something else to her.

That's two o' millions o' scams---and dey all got hooks dat'll let ya pull in da sucker fish.

Art Thieme